One of the major areas targeted by AIDPVF is the provision potable drinking water to vulnerable. AIDPVF has been able to provide a water pump borehole to Kasuwu Feye IDP Host Community in Dikwa LGA. In addition to making water easily available, this has also measurably reduced the incidence of water borne diseases, time and distance the women and children cover in search of water within the communities. This project helped reduced the vulnerability of the village inhabitants, especially women and children.

In realizing AIDPVF’s objective to provide quality education to all, especially the girl child, the organization have set-up modalities and provided quality teachers for the primary, and secondary level of education within the internally displace persons (IDPs) camps. Due to the growing needs to establish a framework upon which literacy can be promoted and vulnerable members of the society not left behind, this project has also been extended to adult education. Reading and writing materials together with other teaching aids and tools were provided to foster the program.

In executing this program, AIDPVF selected some secondary schools which has been conducting evening classes for IDPs but which lacks quality resource persons.

Our long-term plan is to setup libraries in communities affected where children of displaced persons can have quality education like their peers.

Through massive awareness campaigns carried out (still ongoing) within North east, AIDPVF is organizing a Gender Base Violence awareness campaigns. IDPs, host communities that are facing many challenges ranging from psychological, physical, emotional violence due to psycho social trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from civilian and Military caught up in the North East Conflict.. We are also organizing massive awareness campaign on the dangers of sexual abuse, female child prostitution in IDPs Host Communities.

Providing a way of conceptualizing key influences on the livelihood of poor people, including their vulnerability, access to assets, and the various factors that influence what they can achieve with these assets. Under this mandate, AIDPVF campaigns for the distributions of food items to the vulnerable targeting 10,000 beneficiaries (women and children).

African Internally Displace Persons Voice Foundation is comprised of team of professionals capable of monitoring activities at Food Distribution Point including In-kind General Food Distribution, Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program, Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program for Pregnant and lactating women (BSFP PLW), Integrated Nutritional Program (INP), Cash Base Transfer (CBT) (both cash and E-voucher Modalities)

Our public health program focuses on complex humanitarian emergencies and we act in epidemic prevention, diseases and public health education. In the area of disease prevention, AIDPVF Campaign for Mosquito nets donation and Over the Counter Medicine distribution targeting 125,000 beneficiaries within the North East.

The family life destruction had occurred on a large scale in the displacement of many LGA’s in the North East in 2011 via 2016. In the accessible areas of the North East state, AIDPVF found unaccompanied and separated children whom have lost both parents due to the conflict. This implies that Family tracing, reunification is a priority. African Internally Displace Persons Voice Foundation has some planned Intervention strategies in Family Tracing and Reunification as follows:                 

  • Conduct service mapping to establish referral pathways to enhance access to diverse services using ICT
  • Developing a missing person database and update regularly which will be shared with IDPs and in their host communities.


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